Being online community doesn't mean we miss out on getting to know one another or joining together in prayer outside of worship.

Hermitage care groups give us the opportunity to grow together and nurture our relationships in Christ.

Jesus has instructed us to love one another - by praying for each other, listening to each other and sharing life together - we answer this call to love.

Small groups will form with a leader to coordinate how the group communicates.

It could be via text message, phone call, Whatsapp chat groups and zoom meet-ups or a combination or other method. 

Below are the sign-up forms to be part of a care group or to lead a care group. 

At the bottom of this page you can also download the Guide which explains Hermitage care groups in depth if you would like to know more.

Sign-up to be in a Hermitage Care group

Care group members will hear from their leaders regularly and be provided with prayer and discussion resources. Please include your preferred communication method below (i.e. text, phone, zoom, any)

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Sign-up to lead a Hermitage Care group

Care group leaders will make regular contact with those in their hermitage, pass on prayer & discussion resources supplied to them & pray for the people in their group. Please confirm in your message below that you are signing up to lead.

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Important to note:

These groups are not formed to offer counselling or formal life coaching in any way.

Leaders of groups will be given prayers and other resources for sharing with their group on a regular basis and their role is simply to gather the group and keep in touch.

If a need for pastoral care (beyond companioning one another with compassion) is identified in the group, then the leader will need to let Rev’d Jamee know for follow up.

These groups will be made up of humans, who are not perfect and can make mistakes in relationships.

Please keep this in mind to authentically bear with one another in times of strain with compassion, patience and forgiveness.


Archbishop Phillip encourages us to Nurture Relationships for 2021

The year of Nurturing Relationships