Love should never hurt!
We speak out against Domestic and family violence.

Every person is entitled to feel loved and safe in their relationships with family members and especially with their intimate partners or parents. 

Domestic violence of any kind is against God's commandments and distorts God's purpse for all human beings - to love and be loved.

Below are some resources and our Go-To people who can be contacted for support around getting help.

Check out further information on the Cathedral Domestic Abuse Working Group here.

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Call for help

If you are in immediate danger, call 000 for police or ambulance help.

Our Go-To People

To reach out for more information and support our Go-To people will be able to assist you

No Excuse for Abuse!

The Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) is committed to promoting and supporting a safe environment for all. Domestic and family violence is unacceptable. We offer pastoral care to victims of domestic and family abuse. The ACSQ is part of the Queensland Churches Together Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project (JCDVPP), which publishes resources for clergy and lay people. 

A Prayer

Loving God, 
We ask that you bring understanding, knowledge, and acceptance of the truth;
expose what has been hidden and bring this into light.
We ask that,
Domestic and Family Violence in all its forms cease;
that all who live daily with the threat of violence and abuse
find comfort, sanctuary, and freedom;
and that those who perpetrate violence and abuse recognise 
the damage they do, and the need there is for them to change.
Give us courage and wisdom as we seek, with others, 
to be leaven in the dough of our society
empowered by your grace to bring healing and hope.
We ask in the name of the one, who said,
‘Love your neighbour’.

Prayer for Domestic and Family Violence survivors
Prayer written by Lynda Dunstan for Domestic Violence Prevention Month, May 2024

Loving God, creator and sustainer of all.

You bring light into darkness, and darkness cannot overcome the light of your love. During this month of raising awareness of domestic violence we ask that the light of your love will reveal that which is so often hidden - the suffering of many of your children who are subjected to abuse, control, emotional and psychological injury, physical and sexual violence at the hands of someone they have loved or trusted. Pour out your love into the hearts of those who continue to suffer: remind them that you are the God who sees, and you know every detail of their experiences; remind them that you are their strength and refuge, they are not to blame; remind them that you are their Shepherd, and you long to tenderly care for them and restore their dignity and joy.

For those who have further suffered when your word has been used against them to dominate and destroy, or when those who should have offered care and hope within the church community have only added to guilt and shame- we ask that you would hold them until they can trust you again. 

For those who continue on their journey of recovery, remind them daily of their strength to survive, and when they grow weary, be their strength and their fortress, a resting place in times of struggle.

Lord you are the one who works righteousness and justice for the oppressed, you stretch out your hand against our foes, with your right hand you save: we ask for deep repentance from those who have chosen abuse and violence in their relationships. We ask that we as your church would deeply repent of words and actions that have not condemned abuse, but simply turned a blind eye. We ask for a deeper understanding and willingness to challenge our beliefs and attitudes that allow abuse to flourish. We ask that we might live up to our call to be light in the world, standing with you for justice. We ask that our churches would be places where women and men live and serve together in true dignity, equality and respect; where each one’s giftings are acknowledged and given space to flourish as your Spirit leads.

Lord we long for that day when there will be no more tears or crying or pain, when your glory will cover the earth, and our hope peace will be completed in you.

Come Lord Jesus, come.


Prayer for DFV survivors - Common Grace

(Prayer adapted by Rev'd Jamee from 'daughters' to 'children')

The Anglican Church in Southern Queensland pledges to work toward a Queensland where everyone  is equal and free from violence. 

The Anglican Church in Southern Queensland commits to playing our role, working within our organisation and in partnership with others including other faith communities, to raise awareness, improve prevention and provide practical assistance to end domestic and family violence.

The Anglican Church in Southern Queensland recognises and is committed to the promotion of a respectful, supportive, and safe church environment that does not justify or excuse domestic and family violence in any form.