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We are an ecumenical community making space for gathering and worshipping God online!

Whether seasoned Christians or seekers, Holy Hermits Online offers people a place to gather, engage in worship and be enabled to offer their ministry gifts in the building up of God’s Kingdom online. No one should miss out on participating as part of the Body of Christ because of their circumstances. That's why we seek to make Church accessible for all people.

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Come as you are - Just as you are!

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What our members have to say about the Holy Hermits Online Community
Chris says:

"I have never been able to attend an Ash Wednesday service before but can attend, for the first time in 28 years, this year with Holy Hermits Online." 

Lynette says:

"I have found the services provide a warm circle of belonging and sharing. An effective time to iron out the uncertainties and downs in daily living and bring my focus back to the wider experience beyond me and now. I think the services could have a wider application beyond these times, as they are not age or circumstances specific to the listeners." 

Viki says:

"HHO offers a wonderful safe space to worship, pray, learn and sing hymns (as loudly and/or badly as you care to). Everyone is made to feel welcome and can bring their gifts to share and celebrate. It’s a place to be genuine with our Lord and one another, and a real spiritual home from home."

Marcia says:

"A most comforting and inspiring service with words to remember when we find ourselves in a personal desert of our own."

Lynette shares:

My present medical condition isolates me somewhat. I listen each week and value the spiritual connection Holy Hermits gives. I appreciate  the effort, thought and spiritual experience needed to bring services of this high quality into being. What a wonderful outreach it is.

Kristine says:

"The thing I love about Holy Hermits is that I can connect with the community and the services wherever I happen to be."