We regularly engage together in seasonal study to grow in discipleship and community.

Some previous Studies resources are still accessible:

Forgiveness - A Lent Study 2022

A Glorious Whisper (New Year 2022)

Singing the Story (Advent 2021)

An Un-ordinary time with Mother Julian 2021

Going Deeper for Eastertide 2021.

Lent in the Desert 2021.

Advent Word 2020.

We also have a WhatsApp Chat group for our study group members to extend their conversations between sessions. Please see below download for our handy Guide for being part of these chat groups.


What some have to say about our seasonal studies
Viki says:

"I found the Lenten Bible Study this year (2022) pretty challenging. It wasn’t a favourite study by any means but I guess it has served it’s purpose and made me think, a lot, about forgiveness and the part I play in forgiving and being forgiven."

Sarah says:
"I have so enjoyed the Into the Desert and Silence and Honey cakes. It is good food for thought and I am enjoying pressing into God. I like the format of the app and have downloaded Deep calls to deep. And am looking forward to studying that with you all."
Andrew and Jan say:

"We have really enjoyed being part of the group and have found the study material both challenging and rewarding. It has certainly helped us on our Christian journey."

Caroline says:

"Loved sharing with direct family in faith from the other side of the world, together exchanging ideas and thoughts that we would otherwise never get the opportunity to share.  I also enjoyed ‘Meeting’ the others and hearing their thoughts and concerns. It felt like a wonderful extended family online, pondering new ways of thinking about our incredible Lord."