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We will begin with our Anglican roots in exploring what it means to be the Church.

Over 5 weeks we will use the Exploring Anglican Identity Course produced by Formed Faith.

Once we have completed this series we will pause for a week, observing sabbath on the 22nd of June to digest our first part of the study.

Then we will go deeper for another 6 weeks focusing on sacraments and liturgical expressions of faith in the What is Worship series from St Francis College beginning on the 29th of June.

We will then observe sabbath for a week before discerning our next steps on the 17th of August together.

For any who might like to join in (at any point), who are not already signed up for the study send outs, please use the form below to join the email list.

A Thanksgiving prayer for the Church (APBA p.220):

 Almighty God, we praise you for the blessings brought to the world through your Church. We bless you for the grace of the sacraments, for our fellowship in Christ with you and with each other, for the teaching of the Scriptures, and for the preaching of your word. We thank you for the example of your saints, for your faithful servants departed this life and for the memory of all that has been true and good in their lives. Number us with them in the company of the redeemed in heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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Church Craft Exploration

As well as our study material we are also learning little bits about Church Craft along the way