The Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday

The Rev'd Canon Selina McMahon talks to our study group about this first day in the season of Lent and the customs, rites and significance of the practices.
The Visual Commentary on Scripture’s Lent offering
this year is based as usual around 14 ‘Stations’

Beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing on Mondays and Fridays until Holy Week.

All the commentaries in the series have an audio feature so that you can listen to them while viewing the works of art.

The 2024 Stations will share with you a series of seven works exploring, first, the seven vices most commonly included in lists of the ‘deadly sins’, and then, second, the seven cardinal and theological virtues. 


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Virtual Stations of the Cross

Recorded in St John's Cathedral 2020
Other Stations of the Cross Liturgies
For use in Lent and Holy Week

Fasting for Lent

One of our members has put together these slides outlining the Spiritual practice of fasting for Lent

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A Poem
Curated and shared by one of our members

These are the words of Pope Francis:

Fast from hurting words … and say kind words,

Fast from sadness … and be filled with gratitude,

Fast from anger … and be filled with patience,

Fast from pessimism … and be filled with hope,

Fast from worries … and have trust in God,

Fast from complaints … and contemplate simplicity,

Fast from pressures … and be prayerful,

Fast from bitterness … and fill your hearts with joy,

Fast from selfishness … and be compassionate to others,

Fast from grudges … and be reconciled,

Fast from words … and be silent so you can listen!

Church Craft Exploration
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As part of our The Church - A Deep Dive Study  we are also exploring the things about Church practice which we would like to know more about.