Lent in the Desert
Our seasonal Lenten Study for 2021

Meeting on Zoom each Wednesday at 6pm (Brisbane time) we will journey through the desert with Jesus, the Desert Fathers and Mothers, and one another - paying special attention to what God can do when we make space for silence in our lives and relationships.

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A Lenten Prayer
Written and offered by Holy Hermits Online member Mary.
Shekinah God, 
Companion with us on our Journey.
You have promised that You will never leave us or forsake us.
Be with us as we make this Lenten Journey.
Feed us when we are hungry,
Slake our thirst for You.
Pick us up when we stumble,
Carry us when we are too weak to go on by ourselves.
Sanctify us with Your Holy Unction,
Draw us into ever closer union with You in our Journey.
And at last, bring us to Yeshua’s Glorious Resurrection,
So that we may rise with Him unto Everlasting Life.
We Pray this in the Most Holy Name of the Trinity
Yahweh, Word and Holy Shekinah Spirit,
Three in Persons, One in Essence and Undivided.
Holy Week 2021
Beginning with the Sunday of the Passion on the 28th of March, Holy week will take us through the days of Jesus endurance and lead us to the resurrection at Easter Day on the 4th of April