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Resource Websites

Sites that we make use of in our community life, or recommend for devotional use


These apps are a fantastic addition for devotional practice

The Lord's Prayer in Auslan Sign Language

Holy Hermit St Gildas the Wise' Lorica

A body prayer for protection
Prayer for the Deliverance Ministry Team
Following on from Rev'd Claye's Guest Teaching visit during our Church Craft Study, the Study Group has faithfully composed this prayer which we will commit to saying regularly at worship

Come Holy Spirit and make the hearts of your servants, Reverend Claye and the deliverance ministry team, your dwelling place and home. 

May darkness be dispelled by your light, and troubles calmed by your peace. 

Lord Jesus, we ask that you protect, guide and strengthen them, and all whom they encounter. 

Give them courage, ability, wisdom and discernment. 

Surround them with sound advice and support, that they may have insight and discretion. 

Drawing on the Holy Spirit may they be strong in vocation and trust in you. 

We pray for those in need of healing and their ongoing relationship with you, as they journey towards the fullness and freedom of eternal life. 

May all evil and pain be transformed through the suffering of Christ and all dying glorified by your risen life. Amen.

DIY prayer tool for community use during pandemic
We have composed a prayer tool together - you can download it, print it, pin it, pray it by visiting the News page at the button below

During one of our Worship gatherings we discerned a need for a prayer tool which could help us coorporately pray as a community.

This DIY prayer page includes who we want to pray for, and what we are asking of God while we uplift them.

One or more of the suggested dotpoints could be the focus for daily prayer, offering a prompt to keep our prayers broad and focused on those who may need the Bread of Life the most at the moment. 

Get the prayer!



Our Lenten Anthem 2021

Love will be our Lenten Calling

Share resources you like using by making a recommendation

Let us know some great faith building resources you have used and we can share them with the rest of the community!

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