Special contemplative prayer services are offered through the year.

As we gather to engage in reflection, holy listening, supported silence and prayer we are nourished by the scriptures and other contemplative practice tools. 

We seek to create a welcoming space for all members of our community, with the contemplative services providing a service that is sensory friendly. 

With music playing as we silently enter and leave the space, there is no expectation for social interaction or dialogue beyond an invitation to leave comments in the chat box. As with all our spaces camera on or off is an option.

You can catch up on past services below, where we keep links to the Archives, which include downloadable orders of service. Please feel welcome to make use of these liturgies for your own devotions or curation. 

Contemplative prayer services catch up

All of our contemplative service liturgies are available for download so that you can make use of the services at anytime or even revisit them. Simply click on the service to follow the link where the download can be found at the end of the page.