Getting involved - Ministry Roles

Every Baptised Christian has a vocation in the Church which they are invited to exercise online at HHO!

Here are some of the ways you can contribute your vocational gifts to our community life.
You can put your hand up for these roles or make a time for a vocations conversation with Rev'd Jamee to explore how God has gifted you to serve.


Each service needs leaders who offer the responses on behalf of the congregation. This role means that you are unmuted and say aloud the parts of the service which everyone says together. 

Reading from the Bible

Each Sunday worship service needs two readers who offer the minstry of the word. The first reader offers the Old Testament lesson and leads the psalm. The second reader reads the New Testament lesson and often leads the intercessions.

Tech-support & Broadcasting
Lend your screen to the worship space as tech-support. If there is a tech issue with the ministers computer you can take over the screen share so that worship can continue, or start out as the broadcaster.
Prayer Group
We have an active prayer group who uphold our community and those in need regularly. We have a prayer wall in our app which enables us to post prayer requests and commit to pray together.
Proof reading

All our liturgies need proof reading after they have been drafted. If you have gifts in spelling, grammar and writing, then please feel welcome to offer them! 

Music curating

All music we enjoy at worship comes from Youtube videos which have the lyrics included for the hymns. Members of the community are always welcome to submit hymn suggestions and links to Youtube songs.

I want to serve!

Reach out to have a vocations conversation with Rev'd Jamee or one of the leaders

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