We've had an idea to create resources which might serve the wider internet community as well as our own HHO family in our worship and ministry spaces. 

We invite our readers and other members to record their favourite psalms or lessons with the words on screen as visual liturgy, offering their voices and passion for the Bible in a series of videos to be shared on our YouTube channel.

We will begin with the psalms and then work through our lectionary readings.


Psalm 121 Read by Julie

Julie loves this psalm and uses it to share sympathy or comfort with loved ones and friends.

Psalm 92 Read by Viki

"When I think about sharing God with others through my actions as well as words, it's wonderful to remember this uplifting Psalm, a mini mud map to being a Christian." - Viki

Psalm 139 - Read by Dilys

"It has become my ‘creed’ as I believe all it tells me of the amazing love of God for me, which is far beyond my understanding but is glimpsed in these words."

Submit your favourite psalm or reading if you would like to offer your voice

Readers can record their reading by themselves, or can meet with one of our team to record in Zoom.

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