The Holy Men and Women who became known as Holy Hermits represent Hope for us. They faced religious persecution, retreated from political unrest or war, lived frugally through famine and sought God’s solace in the face of plague or illness just as we are encouraged to do by their examples.

Many of them created new patterns of living, prioritizing prayer, contemplation and solitude as well as engaging in good works for the building up of both internal and external communities.

A lot of Holy Hermits established rules or orders for a religious life set apart from society, dedicated to connecting with God and community.

The inward looking faith practices of the Holy Hermits can continue to inspire us as a community to likewise foster connection with God, and living into that connection, reach out in creative ways to share God’s love.

We remember the Holy Hermits throughout the year, learning from their teachings and appreciating their remarkable lives, lived in such close relationship with God.

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