We are blessed by the gifts God has brought to our community through our Retreat ministry offered by some of our members, and are excited to extend the invitation to retreat to the online space. 

We are also glad to be able to refer our members following retreat to reach out to Dilys, Our retreat leader who is also a Spiritual Director and offers one-on-one sessions via Zoom or phone. You can learn more below.

Our past retreats include:

A Wilderness Retreat Lent 2022

Fire of Life Retreat Pentecost 2022

Holy Waiting Advent Retreat Advent 2022

Co-creators with God Mini-Retreat 2023

What is a retreat and why might you like to experience one?

When we talk of entering a retreat we mean setting aside time from our normal daily life to allow space for us to relate more deeply to ourselves, in particular to our deep authentic selves. In doing this we become more deeply embedded in a sacred pace where we may meet with God, the divine space within all of us, the place of communion.

We spend time in silence so that we may listen to God’s invitations and experience profound awareness of God’s presence. In the chaos of life as it is for most of us this spaciousness may be hard to find and to prioritise as high on our ‘to do’ list.

Our inner spiritual life needs feeding in the same way that our physical body needs food. To take this special time in retreat gives nourishment, enlivens and directs our spiritual journey.

We experience comfort and encouragement in the growing intimacy with God in this mysterious place of quietness and peace. Our soul rests whilst catching up with all that is integral to our lives just as we are experiencing it moment by moment. This is an opportunity to restore balance between the inner and outer spheres of human life.

Retreat is not a place to struggle or strive for achievement, a place of trying to ‘get there’ but place of stillness and openness to whatever comes. A place to breathe and relax in the presence of God, an intentional turning towards the sacred.

During a retreat there will usually be some input in the form of short presentations with a theme to inspire reflection also music and periods of personal reflection time where silence is kept. There is no requirement to sit in silence during these times, it can be helpful to take physical exercise, to write, draw, paint, be creative, rest or sleep. To be open to whatever comes to you is the attitude to adopt and to keep the momentum of silence on all levels of your being.

Re-treat, Another way of looking at the word retreat.

Treat yourself to the joy of uninterrupted time and dialogue with God. Touch the wonder of your creation as a beloved child of God’s love for you.

I weave a silence onto my lips

I weave a silence into my mind

I weave a silence into my heart

I close my ears to distractions

I close my eyes to attractions

I close my spirit to temptations

Enfold me Lord in your peace

Spiritual Direction

You can get in touch with Dilys using the below contact form to inquire following a retreat and click on her profile to learn more about what she offers as a Spiritual Director

"By setting aside time for reflection on what is happening in your everyday life you may come to notice and honour
moments of holiness. Each persons experience is unique. It is natural at times to feel some confusion and to feel the need for companionship. Spiritual companioning offers encouragement and support in your longing, searching and discovery.
In the moment that you meet with your director whatever you are experiencing is accepted and acknowledged. It is a place where all is deeply listened to in an atmosphere of unconditional attention and care. With the skills and encouragement of a director you can savour and integrate, over time, whatever comes, finding freedom, peace and fulfillment."