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Online Safety
We take the safety of our members very seriously at HHO and undertake to make being part of community as safe as possible
Online safety is the main reason signing-up is necessary to get the Zoom links for worship and gatherings. By ensuring that those who have signed up are genuinely wanting to connect in or become part of the community we have less risk of internet 'trolls' gaining access and disrupting our space.

Our members are encouraged not to give personal information away on Zoom - even when we are gathered with other members we know well. Although Zoom is a very safe platform and is constantly being updated to make it safer, we must remember that being in a Zoom meeting is still a public space.

Only the sermon is recorded during our worship. Many people would likely appreciate having access to the full service recording, however due to the nature of our worship being so interactive - with members offering their ministry gifts in roles like LA, cantor, reader or prayer leader - we protect our community by 'pinning' the ministers screen and recording only the message of the day which is loaded to YouTube, embedded on the Sermons Page and made available to the community for further reflection.

Lasty members are encouraged to think carefully about using their full names when they join our Zoom spaces. Whenever a community member is mentioned in our send-outs, on the liturgy screens or in other communications, only their first name will be used. 

Overall, being part of the Holy Hermits Online community should always feel like a safe space, but if anyone is in doubt or has a concern they are welcome to raise it with either Rev'd Jamee or with our Leaders Chris and Paul, and we will gladly do our best to help.