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As a continuation of our Church studies we are going to spend more time on the various areas of Church craft which we listed during The Church - A Deep Dive Study in 2022

We will welcome guest teachers to our sessions and spend time preparing for their visits by thoughtfully considering questions we might like to ask them the week before. This study may stop and start a bit as we work around our guest teachers availability, so do make sure to check the event page for dates regularly.

These include (not necessarily in order):

  • Deliverance Ministry (26th October 2022 - The Rev'd Claye Middleton)
  • Proclaiming the Gospel (23rd November 2022 - The Rev'd Grant Sparks)
  • The Role of the Deacon (8th February 2023 - The Rev'd Dr Ann Solari)
  • Expressing Diaconal Ministry (7th June 2023 - The Rev'd Lyn Dunn)
  • Confession (31st January 2024 - Bishop Jonathan Holland ) 
  • The Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday (7th February 2024 - The Rev'd Canon Selina McMahon)
  • Incense and Thuribles
  • Hymns and liturgical music 
  • Procession (How the Crucifers, Acolytes, Thurifers, Liturgical Assistants and Clergy enter and exit a Church)
  • The Verger and that stick! (What the role of the verger is in worship, and why they often use a verge (that stick)
  • Hats (Bishop's Mitres, scholars caps and other such hats used in Church)
  • Bells 
  • Rosary (The Anglican Rosary)
  • Holy Orders (Deacons, Priests, Bishops) 
  • Celebrating Lay Ministries

Our talks are available below in video form.

A Thanksgiving prayer for the Church (APBA p.220):

Almighty God, we praise you for the blessings brought to the world through your Church.

We bless you for the grace of the sacraments, for our fellowship in Christ with you and with each other, for the teaching of the Scriptures, and for the preaching of your word.

We thank you for the example of your saints, for your faithful servants departed this life and for the memory of all that has been true and good in their lives.

Number us with them in the company of the redeemed in heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Deliverance Ministry

The Rev'd Claye Middleton

Proclaiming the Gospel

The Rev'd Grant Sparks

The Role of the Deacon

The Rev'd Dr Ann Solari

Expressing Diaconal Ministry

The Rev'd Lynette Dunn


Bishop Jonathan Holland

The Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday

The Rev'd Canon Selina McMahon

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