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A Bible study course that focuses on our faith and mental health. Every week we’ll be learning about specific mental 
health diagnoses – causes, treatments, and how churches can help. We’ll also look at an issue that is a little contentious, where Christians might disagree on the interpretation or solution. It’s important that church is a place where we 
can talk openly about mental health – even if we sometimes disagree.

We’re going to start with the Bible; seeking to gain a better Christian perspective on mental health. We’ll be looking at well-known Bible stories to understand how God treats those who feel exhausted, rejected, hopeless and heartbroken. We will take what we learn about God’s approach and use that as a way to explore the mental health challenges faced by our community. 
We’ll try to get as practical as possible – thinking about concrete ways we can support people in our church and neighbourhood. Finally, we’ll be spending some time in prayer together.

About Lifting the Lid – why do Bible studies on mental health?

One in four of us will have a diagnosable mental health condition in our lifetime. Even in the healthiest community, there can be a lot at stake in opening up about mental health. People can sometimes be wary of sharing their experiences, or feel that only those with visible difficulties are in need of support. Opening up positive discussions can be challenging, but churches can play a key role in lifting the lid on mental health, by creating spaces that listen 
and welcome. It’s time for us to learn about mental health - both the medical facts and Biblical approaches.

The six studies were developed with material from The Mental Health Access Pack, a joint initiative between Mind & Soul and Livability. Special thanks to Kate Middleton of Mind & Soul and David Primrose of Lichfield Diocese for input into this resource.

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