Welcome seekers and pioneers!
This is the landing page for all who are exploring online mission with Holy Hermits Online from the Episcopal Diocese Of Texas

Thanks for exploring with us!

This cross-cultural three-year partnership, will form a cohort to experiment bravely with digital outreach, and provide EDOT with support to get creative in the online mission space.  

Learnings from inhabiting the online ministry space, are being offered to those who would like to try mission using the vehicle of technology between now and 2026.  

It's a chance to engage alongside us in Online Mission!  

We are currently in the 2nd Phase developing the program resources from within HHO.

The three phases of partnership feature in the download below.

As the cohort takes shape more information will be supplied here. 

We can't wait to support new experimental ministries to make disciples of all nations!

If you'd like to join the loop to be updated on developments reach out to us using the contact form below - or get in touch with Canon Joann Saylors.

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Video Invitation

From Rev'd Jamee Callard
Partnership Prayer

Holy Trinity, source of all creativity, mission and pioneering partnerships, 

Please encourage and inspire all involved in the partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and the Mission Amplification Team, Holy Hermits Online and St John’s Cathedral Brisbane, to establish a mutually successful collaboration. 

We pray that you will provide encouragement to the leaders and organisers of this online mission, in the various phases which the partners will fluidly move through building foundations, creating resources and experimenting bravely together. 

May new friendships and connections flourish over this next exciting time of ministry and outreach together. May all hearts be opened and sustained by your Love in Brisbane, Texas and beyond. May we find new ways of being Church together, and meet you in the virtual space. 

O God, you have made of one blood all the peoples of the earth and sent your Son to preach peace to those who are far off and to those who are near: grant that people everywhere may seek after you and find you in our online communities. May the remote, the isolated, the sick, the travelers, the dual-citizens and the seekers, be gathered to form community together using the vehicle of technology.  

Raise up more people in your worldwide church to pray and to work, to care and to understand, to give to you and to go for you, that your church may grow, your will be done, your kingdom come, and your glory be revealed; Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Why we care about digital mission
Do we have a new opportunity?

The Roman road arrived to enable the spread of the Gospel in the time of the apostles. The printing press arrived to take translations of the Bible to people in their own language around the world in the time of reformation. Digital technology arrived in time to enable churches across the world to function and grow when the buildings were closed during global pandemic.

Jesus’ last command to his disciples was to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. In practice, most of them stayed in their Jerusalem comfort zone until forced out by persecution. Similarly, the Church of today has been forced out of its comfort zone by the pandemic.

The God of mission has a heart for the whole of humanity. The new technology enables churches to fulfil their mission to reach almost everyone in every corner and end of the earth.

It is said that mission is finding out what God is doing and joining in.

Perhaps the sending of the Church out into the online world is one of the things God is doing to bring some good out of the experience of the pandemic.

For HHO to get to know EDOT
In April 2023 Holy Hermits Online (HHO) and St John’s Cathedral entered a new partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas (EDOT) Mission Amplification Team.

More on the partnership can be found on this news page: A new partnership is born! | The Episcopal Diocese of Texas | Holy Hermits Online

Here is the EDOT website: Welcome | Episcopal Diocese of Texas (epicenter.org)

You can see how EDOT supports Missional Communities | Episcopal Diocese of Texas (epicenter.org) here, affirming that:

Missional communities are spiritual and relational outposts for those that cannot, or will not, participate in a traditional expression of Church.


“Missional communities exist when we participate in God’s mission of reconciliation beyond the walls of the church through relationships and worship.”

You can get to know Bishop Andy Doyle more by visiting his site: IX Bishop of Texas (texasbishop.com)

Here is the link to the The Episcopal Diocese of Texas - YouTube channel

This Lambeth in Review 2022  reflection celebrates much of the life of EDOT