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Sermon - Living Word

Rev. Sarai Rice is a Presbyterian minister and a retired non-profit executive. She consults with congregations on a variety of issues, including planning, staffing, and governance. Sarai loves to work with congregations that are exploring anew their role in the community as well as congregations seeking new energy in the face of decline. She has a deep commitment to the notion that human institutions should work well for the people they serve.

She has also had an active locum ministry offering intentional interim leadership for congregations between appointments.

Rev'd Jamee found Rev. Sarai through the recommendation of a friend and colleague who shared one of Sarai's articles that she writes reguarly for the Congregational Consulting Group.

It was all about community identity: Learning from Instagram

Here are a few other great reads from Sarai:

Please pray for Rev. Sarai as she prepares to join us at worship on the 4th of February (3rd of Feb her time!)

Lord Jesus, when you speak there is light and life. Please speak through our guest preachers, especially Sarai, as she offers her ministry gifts to our community. Holy Spirit, please inspire her in preparation and in delivering the sermon. Creator, make us ready to welcome her and hear your word spoken through her. We ask these things in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.