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Like most folk who inhabit the online space at HHO I get a lot of content sent to my inbox. At times I get more opportunity to sit with it than others, and some of the offerings can be real gems. 

I just loved this piece from the Center for Action and Contemplation ( as intentional breathing is such a valuable practice in my prayer life as well as what helps to keep me well.

I share it here in the hopes that others might spend a moment with intentional breath over the Christmastide season.

The Breath of Incarnation

Every time you take in a breath, you are repeating the pattern of taking spirit into matter, and thus repeating God’s creation of humankind (in Hebrew, ‘adam).

And every time you breathe out, you are repeating the pattern of returning spirit to the material universe. In a way, every exhalation is a “little dying” as we pay the price of inspiriting the world.Your very breathing models your entire vocation as a human being. You are an incarnation, like Christ, of matter and spirit operating as one. This, more than anything we believe or accomplish, is how all of us—either knowingly and joyfully, or not—continue the mystery of incarnation in space and time.