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“WHO, ME!??” These were the first words out of my mouth, when a number of years ago I was asked to lead a bible study group.  

My mentor at the time said, “WHY NOT???”   

That humble start then led to volunteering in various roles within Parish Council. My next mentor soon encouraged me to serve in the role of Liturgical Assistant and I went on to lead regular services at my church, as well as performing Reserve Sacrament in the local nursing home, and Memorial Services.  

Everything was going well until the COVID lockdowns began to take their toll. However, my spiritual life then took another turn – a stronger turn. While reading Anglican Focus an article about Holy Hermits Online caught my attention. I was interested and promptly subscribed.  

Today, I am part of the Holy Hermits Online serving team, offering ministry in the roles of Liturgical Assistant, Welcomer, Cantor, Reader, and Fellowship Leader. I am also a Cathedral Representative at St John’s Cathedral.  

During the lockdowns, I lost so much physical spiritual contact. Since discovering Zoom and the Holy Hermits Online community, I’ve recovered a lot of that feeling back.  

Inspiration to serve comes from my interest in pastoral care and fellowship, as well as my passion for providing an ear to listen, a hug, touch of a hand, or even just a smile. 

As part of my preparation for serving, I read through the service notes a few days beforehand to get a feeling of the hymns, readings and images. I make sure I am in a calm environment with little distraction. 

At the end of services, sometimes I feel elated, sometimes I have felt hopeful.  

My favourite Bible passage is Ecclesiastes 3, which begins with: 

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven...” 

To me, this passage sums up my life cycle (that’s the primary producer coming out in me!).  

My favourite psalm is Psalm 121. It brings out comfort and strength in trying times. 

So back to the original uttering of WHO ME - which became WHY NOT.  The Holy Spirit working through the Holy Trinity has had my back. If you are wondering about that bible study group and the subject we studied, it was the Lord’s Prayer – the backbone to our faith. 



You can read more about the Fellowship role, as well as all other serving roles, at the Weekly Worship | Ministries page.