Isaiah 6.1-8​; Psalm 29; Romans 8.12-17​; John 3.1-17​
Exercising Spirits

Digital Faith Artists:

Using Padlet our members are invited to create and share one of a kind digital artworks that we can feature in our spaces, at worship, in prayer spaces, on our website and app. 

Reader Project:

We invite our readers and other members to record their favourite psalms or lessons with the words on screen as visual liturgy, offering their voices and passion for the Bible in a series of videos to be shared on our YouTube channel.

3D Dialogue: Silence:

A deep dive into the divine through reading, listening, watching, reflecting

Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence : by Ruth Hayley Barton:

"Solitude, at its most basic and profound level, is simply an opportunity to be ourselves with God"


Wild Landscapes and Soul Work: Belden Lane - St John's Cathedral -


Holy Hermit St Mary of Egypt

St Mary of Egypt, the saint of penetants, had a rough start to life, selling her body and living among strangers until she had an experience of transformation at the Holy Sepulche in Jerusalem which made her change from a person of the flesh, to a person of the spirit.  

It was in this transformative experience that she was able to see herself as she really was. 
In all the brokenness, a beloved child of God who just needed to let God love her.