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We are so glad to invite you to be with us as a Christian family online

We gather from different places, seasons, time zones, traditions, denominations, contexts, life styles, life stages, neuro types, abilities, experiences and cultures

Code of Conduct

At Holy Hermits Online we value fellowship and unity alongside difference, and discourage the bringing of anything that is intentionally divisive or hurtful to our shared space where everyone is welcome

HHO has zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and is committed to safeguarding everyone involved in activities, ministries and services.

Bullying, cyber stalking, abusive language and controlling behaviours are not welcome in our space where everyone, lay and ordained, has the right to feel safe.
We are committed to working with those who struggle to love others in appropriate ways, but if behaviour continues after repeated efforts to transform it, we reserve the right to withdraw membership and communications to keep our community safe.

Please visit the Safeguarding page for more information about how to look out for others in our community spaces.

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Become a Member
Becoming a member offers the chance to get involved in online services, our mission activities and community events.

If you aren't quite ready to become a member yet then you can use the 'sign up form' at the bottom of the page to receive the Friday email links for worship and the Sunday sermon link.

Go to the online member form

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

Online safety is the main reason signing-up is necessary to get the Zoom links for worship and gatherings, and why we don't have them listed on our website.

By ensuring that those who have signed up are genuinely wanting to connect in or become part of the community, we have less risk of internet 'trolls' or 'bots' gaining access.

Members are welcome to share Zoom links to join with family members and friends, who they might like to invite to try HHO out, but are asked not to post the links on social media or in public forums.

Visit the Safeguarding page to learn more about how we keep one another safe.

No - we welcome all our members to come and go as they need.

Many of our folk come online with us every so often, as well as those who call us their permanent spiritual community home. 

Everyone who signs up or fills out the membership form is treated as a valued part of our community.


The giving of tithes, talents and time is always welcome, but making offerings is part of each individuals spiritual practice and is up to them to discern prayerfully.

We rely on community giving to keep our ministries alive, so you are very welcome to contribute to HHO.

Visit the Give page for details.


No - we are open to all denominations and practice including ecumenical and inter-faith resources in our spaces. 

You are always welcome to bring your spiritual gifts to our community gatherings by serving at worship, in our task-group spaces or by offering behind the scenes ministry. 

This is a big part of what makes our community unique online, in that it is not a passive experience.

You are welcome to just come and rest in our spaces too, if you are already serving in community elsewhere and would like to nourish your ministry with us, without getting involved. 

Visit the Ministries page for more info.

You can unsubscribe from Holy Hermits Online communications at any time - by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of all of our email send outs.

Please note - if you unsubscribe by mistake or change your mind after unsubscribing, and would like to sign up again, you will need to get in touch with us via email to re-activate your subscription.

We recommend using folders in your inbox to manage your emails - more on how to do this at the Help page.

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When you sign up, you will receive regular communications from HHO on Friday and Sunday each week.

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