Community Pledge
Holy Hermits Online commits to being a borderless community, welcoming all people, respectful of difference.

Embracing technology in a safe, secure space we commit to: β€‹β€‹

  • journeying, growing, exploring and discerning the Christian faith together, grounded in the Anglican tradition;​

  • sharing Jesus' love through uplifting each other in community with worship, prayer, study and support; and​

  • our responsibility for the attentive caretaking of creation, including our companion animals as part of our Church family. 

This pledge reflects who we are as a community at September 2022 and may evolve with us over time. (Amended Pets to companion animals 2023)

We are committed to transparency and ensuring that the whole community can engage with the direction and vision of our pioneer ministry.

Our reports and strategic plans can be downloaded from the pdf links below and the buget can be found on the Give page

As we find home at St John's Cathedral we are submitting ongoing reports to Cathedral Council each month, which will in turn be recorded on this page in the downloads section below as well.

Our varied and diverse ministry programs enable us to encourage the vocations of all our members and create a space where each persons' unique spiritual and ministry gifts can be exercised.

Visit the Ministries page to learn more about the ways we live as the Body of Christ online.

Being Together
Expectations of behaviour in our church community

At Holy Hermits Online we value fellowship and unity alongside difference, and discourage the bringing of anything that could be divisive or hurtful to our shared space where everyone is welcome. 

Please visit the Safeguarding | Help page for more information about how we cultivate safety in the online space.

Jesus told us to love one another as he loves us. As Christians we know our life together is strengthened when our behaviour is consistent with our faith. However, our experience of being together can be difficult, particularly when there are differences. So it is important to be clear about how we will behave towards each other.

Being a community:

We will value the wellbeing of others.

We will encourage each other to participate in the life of the church.

We will consider the impact of our behaviour on others.

Relating to each other:

We will treat each other with respect and dignity, irrespective of ability, gender, sexuality, race, age or contribution to the church.

We will act with integrity and honesty in our interactions with each other.

Communicating with each other:

We will communicate respectfully with others, and not in a way that threatens, belittles or humiliates.

We will speak with integrity and honesty, and refrain from speculation and gossip.

Acknowledging difference:

We will respect those who are different from us and not isolate or ridicule them.

We will listen to and seek to understand the beliefs, opinions and practices of others, even when we do not share their views.

Responding to conflict:

We will accept responsibility for our part in a conflict.

We will be willing to play our part in resolving a conflict.


Resolution 45/14 of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia 2014 “Being Together”