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We seek to make sure our ministry at Holy Hermits Online is active in listening and engaging with all members of community, discerning our response to God's call on our lives. Our open space meetings provide opportunity for everyone to meet and share what they feel called to explore in their ministry and what God might be saying to us as community through one another. 

The Open Space Meeting notes from our meetings can be downloaded below.

A prayer to prepare for Open Space from A Prayer Book for Australia (P.213):

God our creator, when you speak there is light and life. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we may listen to one another, speak the truth in love, and bear much fruit in the service of your Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our next Open Space meeting will be around building our community pledge together. We will use talking circle technology described in a recent anglican focus article as:

"A talking circle (or “listening circle”) is an intentional space where participants respond to a particular question or topic, with the complete attention of others in the room as each individual speaks their truth rather than bouncing off each other in conversation. Talking circles are valuable for churches and ministries because they enable an important topic to be explored in a way that each person’s perspective is clearly heard, without it being quickly judged or commented on."