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Zoom link provided to all members via email every Friday. 

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We currently gather each Sunday for an ante-communion worship service at 9.00am AEST. The service runs for about an hour and there is an opportunity for fellowship and gathering from 8.45am before the service and a chance to linger together afterward to debrief the message of the day and check in with one another.

During the service there are opportunities for members to offer their ministry gifts by:

  • helping to prepare the liturgy slides, proof reading, curating music and writing intercessorary prayers,
  • broadcasting the slides for all to follow along, offering tech support to help manage the chat and muting,
  • Leading as a liturgical assistant and offering collective responses as Cantor,
  • Reading the lessons,
  • Praying the intercessions,
  • Welcoming and facilitating fellowship,

See the Weekly Worship | Ministries page for more information about how community members can serve at worship.

If you are not able to join us for worship on zoom then please feel welcome to dowload the order of service from the downloads on the Sermons pages. You can take yourself through the liturgy, and follow the hyperlinks to sing, any time that suits you.