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Advent is drawing us nearer to Jesus as we anticipate a celebration of his first coming at Christmas and continue to look for his second coming which will herald the arrival of the Kingdom of God in all fullness. It is a time of preparation and reflection and one which we journey together as a community.

Here are some resources to help us prepare:

Below is a flyer for our Advent and Christmas services which can be downloaded and shared. The ACSQ Facebook page also has shared our invitation to join in our seasonal adventure on this page which can be reshared.

Here is a link to a cloud folder holding a range of digital images which can be used as Zoom backgrounds for our worship spaces or shared for others who may wish to make use of them in their own online gatherings. More info on how to do this can be found on the Zoom website.

The Doing Justice team have put together an Abundant Justice Advent Prep page with links to other resources, suggestions of ways to give fair-trade or ethical gifts or choose to donate instead of buy presents this year. 

Garratt Publishing has also put together a Digital Advent Calendar Celebrating Songs which has the first 8 days starting 28th Nov. 

Indooropilly Anglican has also created a Digital Advent Calendar tree which you can read about at the anglican focus

Here is an article celebrating Being a baptised people this Advent (


Christmas donations are welcome as we aim for sustainability!

You can make a special donation or pledge to bring your treasure to Jesus regularly for the Christmas and Epiphany seasons