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It is with great joy that we mark our first 12 months of ministry as a pioneer outreach community.

We began on the 6th of September 2020 with our first worship service together at 9am. So much of what we started out expressing is still a big part of our mission and call to be together in the name of Jesus.

Since then we have added many new ministry threads to the tapestry of our faith expression online and grown into different roles which anable us to live out our vocations online together.

We will celebrate and mark this passage of time with a special Agape birthday feast at 9am worship on the 12th of Setember.

Celebrating spritual communion together we are all invited to bring along something that we enjoy eating when we are feasting - it could be cake, or fruit, or fairy bread! We can also bring some drink for a birthday cheers - it could be water, wine, cocktails, tea or coffees, or even red cordial (we are 1 afterall!)

So bring along your best balloon background and party hat to celebrate who God has called us to be in the name of Jesus!