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As of April 2021 St John's Cathedral Brisbane is our new place of belonging within the Church family. 

As well as holding a license for Rev'd Jamee as a part-time Associate Priest at the Cathedral, we will be working alongside the precinct team as they explore online community with us.

The Cathedral leadership (lay and ordained) discerned that online mission was an area of focus for them at their most recent visioning day. We are very glad to be able to journey with the group who has taken responsibility for exploring this and offer our own experience of online community and mission.

It is also wonderful that HHO has been recognised by the Cathedral team as a valuable expression of being Church and we look forward to extending our invitation to many more people through the reach of the central and accessible space that St John's represents. 

In the coming weeks and months more of our partnership will unfold in new and exciting ways as we are guided by our shared learning from one another and the Spirit's leading. 

Please pray for the St John's Cathedral community as well as Holy Hermits Online as we move into this new relationship between both of our communities.

Loving God, we pray that our partnership may be fruitful for outreach and ministry with those living on the edge of community. As we feel into the online space as your digital pioneers may we use the vehicle of techology to share your love. Send us to those who have need of your presence and help us to earnestly represent the Good News to all we interact with in the virtual online world. Thank you for gifting us with this shared opportuity for leaning into a new way of being Church toether. Amen.