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If you are not able to join us on zoom for our 9am (Brisbane time) worship then please make use of our service liturgy in the below downloadable slide presentation. You can follow the hyperlinks to the songs on youtube and have a good sing, as well as engage with the Word of the day and the prayers. 

Also below are two resource sheets from the Roots on the Web program which we subscribe to. One is a reflection sheet with suggested guidance for at home devotions for all ages, and the other is an activity sheet for children. 

If you are not already signed up to recieve our Friday and Sunday communications and would like to become part of the community please visit the sign up page and either become a member or just sign up for the emails.

May our Lord Jesus Christ speak to us all through these days as we reflect on what Jesus' baptism means for us all and how our God makes a way for those who listen for the Spirit's voice.