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A bit over a year ago I joined the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, a UK based, international (& as the name suggests Anglican) society that promotes the welfare and care of Animals as a part of Gods creation.

One service this society provides is certifying and recognising parishes who have a particular love of animals (be they domestic, production or wild) as being Animal Friendly Churches.

About a month ago I filled out the forms and emailed them into the branch, in the last few days word came back, with the certificate from the society to certify Holy Hermits Online as being an Animal Friendly Church.

For more information, or to read about ASAW and the pet friendly Church scheme details can be found on the ASWA website at Animal Friendly Church — Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (

~~~ Jeremy is a Licensed Liturgical Assistant at HHO and has been faithfully offering his ministry gifts in helping to build and promote our Companion Animal Ministry which we engage with as a community. Here is a reflection he offered Cathedral Council as one of our 2023 reps:
What has happened in HHO Companion Animal ministry 2023.
2023 had seen considerable advances in the formation of a companion animal ministry at Holy Hermits Online, including recently being granted pet friendly church status by the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals which is based in the U.K.
This October saw Holy Hermits third annual St Francis day Animal Blessing service. The development of other services to be used in a variety of settings and situations also include a Blessing for new animals and making covenant and Memorial Prayers for mourning animals, for use within the HHO worship space. These liturgies are accessible as downloadable resources found on the HHO website (see the link provided below).
A resource guide has also been curated which provides a series of links to websites and books for animal welfare, mourning animals and prompts for praying for working animals. (
This coming year, between Christmas and Epiphany, HHO is forming a subscription package as part of our fundraising program. Half of proceeds raised will go toward funds for HHO’s sustainability and the other half being donated to an animal related charity of the ministry task groups choosing at the first meeting of 2024.
For a subscription of $15AUD you can not only help animals have a better life, but help fund Holy Hermits over the coming year. I encourage all to consider making a purchase of the subscription to help HHO and companion animals.
The digital content will be offered daily from 25th December to 5th January and has been composed and compiled by our community members. Some of the resources will include stories, biography profiles and messages from some of the animals in our community. Other content may include prayers for upholding animals, welfare information and music, art and poetry inspired by animals.
Details of how you can subscribe yourself, or purchase the subscription as a gift for others, can be found at
It is hoped that in 2024 our volunteers can further develop skills and training to be able to offer support for those experiencing the loss of a companion (or other) animal. We also have discerned a focus on creating supportive resources for those working in the Veterinary industry who often suffer compassion fatigue and mental health crisis due to the nature of their work.