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Join Cathedral community member and “self-discovered” medieval and liturgical historian Blair Martin, leading interested folk in reflections and discussion on how we connect the ancient stories and rituals of Feast Days to the world of today, developing a sense of purpose & meaning for our disrupted and changed lives.

Often the featured Saints are also some of our Holy Hermits who we remember throughout the year. To name a few: Holy Hermit St Mary of Egypt; Holy Hermit St Julian of Norwich and Holy Hermit St Clare of Assisi have been included.

Along the way the focus will also be on matters of social justice and our call to be “Saints on a Mission”, living out the Great Commission – to be “Easter People” living in the Resurrection and bringing the good news of the gospel to the lives of those around us.

To join the discussion, visit the Cathedral WHAT’S ON page for the up to date link.