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Seventy-Two(72) people received our beautifully crafted content over the 12 days of Christmas

$947.54 AUD was raised through the registrations, via giving and direct debit.

$ 473.77 (50%) will go toward HHO’s sustainability in 2024 and $473.77 (50%) to be given to an animal charity of the Ministry Task-groups choosing. 

Update > 5 Charities were selected at our first Companion Animal Ministry Workshop of 2024 to benefit from our fundraising:

  1. $73.77 AUD to Vets Beyond Borders
  2. $100.00 AUD to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation
  3. $100.00 AUD to Sophie's Legacy
  4. $100.00 AUD to Assistance Dogs Australia
  5. $100.00 AUD to AWLQ - Animal Welfare League Queensland

Fifteen (15) of our animal members had the assistance of twelve (12) human guardians who submitted their content, delivering: seven (7) messages, five (5) Christmastide stories and eight (8) biographical profiles to inboxes. 

Seven (7) animals now at peace were remembered in stunning memoirs and one of our members beautiful collages and original artworks gave visual life to each day's offerings, alongside several AI generated artworks via Padlet. 

Over eight (8+) prayer resources were supplied, alongside seven (7) different materials from our Companion Animal ministry as well as four (4) Vet nurse notes for animal education. Links and mentions of five (5) different animal organisations offered extra opportunity for learning. 

Twenty-six (26) jokes and twenty-three (23) quotes were shared, as well as eleven (11) animal video’s and seven (7) songs on YouTube. Ten (10) Holy Hermits were mentioned, quoted or pointed to, and three (3) sermons and one blog from our HHO site also were linked.  

We had the ministry of three (3) proofreaders who helped to finalise the PDF documents and received the following feedback from subscribers during and after the Christmastide season: 

Responding to day 1: “Bless. That got me listening to Gregorian chants as I walked into mass this morning. Good one, Wiggles!”  

“I loved all the Animal emails. They are gorgeous and it’s such a great idea. “ 

“Thank you to the Holy Hermits Online team for this precious gift for the Twelve Days of Christmas. It has been a joyous reminder of the wonder of creation, what we owe to creatures and how they gift us.  Every blessing with the companion animal ministry.” 

 “I would just like to thank HHO for the Christmas Companion Animal Ministry series. It was wonderful to open up my emails every morning to new and inspiring animals and commentaries and a chuckle or two.” 

“Thank you so much for the 2023/2024 awesome Christmastide Subscription! The anticipation of receiving a new email had me accessing my inbox eagerly at 7am each day. I really enjoyed reading about all who were featured, despite having helped a little in the compilation of the subscription. I found myself reopening and revisiting the lovely stories and biographies, marvelling at the artwork and images, trying to memorise the jokes and shedding more than one tear over the features and links provided. I always knew in my heart that the Companion Animals of HHO were a huge part of who we were but, I must say, I'm amazed at how much I have thought and talked about the subscription to anyone who will listen. What a fabulous way to celebrate the season of Christmas. I haven't been able to file these yet, so it really is a Christmas gift that keeps giving.” 

"Enjoyed Christmastide, the mix of stories, little jokes etc. if I could talk to the animals -"