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HHO's Being Together Lenten focus:

Read about the origin of this focus in the news page celebrating our first Owning and Grounding Workshop Success! | Safeguarding

All of our Safeguarding principles can be found on our Website and App via the Help page.

Intro to study from Regional Bishop's Jeremy (Now Archbishop), Cameron and John:

This resource forms part of our response to the Anglican Church of Australia’s ‘Being Together’ statement. ‘Being Together’ is about honouring the wellbeing, safety, dignity and giftings of others. It is about encouraging one another; listening to one another; being honest, caring and respectful; acting with integrity; and, being discerning about what we say and do. 
A hallmark of ‘Being Together’ is the way we respectfully welcome and include people. We understand that people each bring unique gifts, and that a community can only flourish if people are embraced and their gifts enabled.

A Message from the creators:

Thank you for picking up this resource. We hope your community finds it life-giving.
Jesus of Nazareth called his followers to love one another just as he loved them. Two thousand years later, he still calls us – his people, his Church – to do the same. Importantly, Jesus tells us that everyone will know we are his if we love one another. 
During his ministry, Jesus of Nazareth told stories and asked questions when conversing with people. So always seeking to be inspired by his example and legacy, this parish and ministry resource draws upon stories and asks questions. 
This resource was developed by us in collaboration with nearly 30 Anglicans who have shared stories about their parish experiences for reflection and discussion. Dozens of other Church folk have provided biographies for activities, shared session feedback or participated in a session test run. We sincerely appreciate the critical contributions of all these people.

Dr Stephen Harrison (Executive Director)
Michelle McDonald (Director of News and Special Communications)
Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission

A prayer

Lord Jesus, 
You commanded us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves,
and taught us that all are our neighbour, loved and cherished by God.
Help us to see your face in all those we meet,
empower us to show your hospitality,
welcoming all so that we may build places of belonging
where everyone may love and learn together. 

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