Not only is Rev'd Jamee available for one-on-one Zoom or phone call conversations but we also have wonderful support from the Cathedral staff team who can be contacted for pastoral and spiritual care.

If you are feeling a bit lost spiritually or need someone to witness to your unique journey with God, then reaching out to make a time for a conversation could be the life-giving renewal in your faith that you need. Maybe you need prayer around a particular life event or are seeking a listening ear. 

Pastoral care and Spiritual care are offered by our trained clergy and lay-people who have completed Clinical Pastoral Education courses and theological education. 

Pastoral and Spiritual care is not counselling and will have a focus on your journey with God. 

Below are the contact details for you to reach out for a pastoral contact as well as some resources which might be helpful while you await conversations.

Our Pastoral team

Reach out via email to one of the pastoral team to set up a conversation

You can also ring Cathedral reception at St Martin’s House on (07) 3835 2222 (9.00am to 5.00pm AEST Monday to Friday) to connect over the phone.

Dean Peter Catt
  • Dean of Cathedral
The Rev'd Canon Julia Van Den Bos
  • Cathedral Canon Pastor
The Rev'd Dr Ann Solari
  • Cathedral Honourary Deacon
The Rev'd Dr Gemma Dashwood
  • Cathedral Honourary Assistant Curate
Bishop Bill Ray
Other Pastoral services and partnerships

We encourage all our members to have a relationship with their local parish so that Eucharist, weddings, baptisms, last rites, anointing of the sick and funeral services can be conducted collaboratively with them. We also would love to partner with local parishes: check out the partners page for more info on communities already connected with us.

We also:

  • offer memorial services at worship online for our members and their families, see Bereavement and Remembrance ministry for more info.
  • have already done a hybrid baptism where we joined one of our members at the Cathedral via Zoom, check out Being a baptised people this Advent ( for a reflection on this wonderful occasion.
  • can do renewal of wedding vows via Zoom for couples already legally married.
  • can offer prayers for the sick over the phone or Zoom as well as blessings and absolution.
  • are always open to collaborating with other congregations or clergy to be digitally present at pastoral visits.