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Join in for our very first online retreat on the 12th of March over Zoom.

We will gather for prayer at 8.30am and enter into a period of spiritual reflection. Facilitated by Dilys and Susan the retreat will include Input on  Experiencing solitude. Introducing the idea of finding inner space where we touch our true selves and pose the questions 'Who am I?' and 'Whose am I ?'  we will be gently guided through Creative exercises – integrated throughout the morning with music, poetry and opportunity for stillness - before we journey on at 11.30am with closing prayers to end our guided time at 11.45am.

Jesus went to the desert for 40 days at the begining of his ministry, carried by the Spirit to face his inner human self - we begin Lent with this in mind as we compare why we might go the desert space, also called to participate in the inner work which awaits us when we 'come away' with the Holy Spirit.

Read more and register at: A Wilderness Retreat | Online Retreats and Spiritual Direction | Holy Hermits Online